L3Harris AN/VRC-118(V)1 Mid-tier Networking Vehicular Radio (MNVR)

The L3Harris AN/VRC-118(V)1 provides warfighters at the tactical edge the ability to share situational awareness. This modular, software-defined radio provides a dynamic, self-forming and self-healing wireless network for on-the-move and stationary forces. The MNVR is a space-efficient solution, and serves as a bridge between lower and upper Tactical Internet users without the need to purchase numerous networking gateways and other networking equipment.



  • Provides both unclassified and up to Secret networked voice and data
  • Interoperable with Falcon®, SINCGARS and other legacy radio systems
  • Provides a terrestrial data path if/when SATCOM is denied
  • SRW-WNW cross-banding connects CO & PLT to BN & BDE


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