• Military aircraft and helicopter systems
  • elmet mounted systems
  • Commercial aviation systems and aero structures
  • Unmanned aircraft systems
  • Naval systems
  • Land vehicle systems
  • Command, control, communications, computer and intelligence (C4I) systems
  • Electro-optic and countermeasures systems
  • Homeland security systems
  • Electronic warfare (EW) and signal intelligence (SIGINT) systems; Various commercial activities


Integrated Manufacturing for Fast Time-to-Market
Tadiran Communications creative bent for R&D, its sophisticated production lines, state-of-the-art logistics, and its high level procurement, engineering and quality assurance departments, form the basis of an advanced integrated manufacturing system designed to give clients a competitive time-to-market edge.

From Prototype to Serial Production
Tadiran Communications offers a full range of services to companies and organizations on a built-to-spec or built-to-print basis, ensuring a smooth transition from prototype to serial production.

State-of-the-Art Facilities
Tadiran Communications network of state-of-the-art facilities includes two advanced production plants; a mechanics workshop for building prototypes and mechanical jigs, as well as for manufacturing small series; and certified EMI/EMC and environmental laboratories for conducting various EMI/EMC and environmental tests.